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Welcome to Budget Barista!

Over the years, we’ve been pretty obsessed with coffee. Back when we were poor college students and couldn’t afford Starbucks, we eagerly set out in search of a better option. Armed with a cheap French press from Ikea, we were well on our way to searching for a flavorful (and cheap!) cup of coffee.

Eventually, we were hanging out with our local roasters, filling mason jars with grounds and water to make our own cold brew and saving pennies for our first Gaggia espresso maker. We’ve since gone a little mad scientist, acquiring a refractometer and even a home coffee roaster.

We love our beans, but we also like to save them, which is why we created this site.

If you’re curious about life beyond Starbucks or just want to be sure your hard earned dollars go into the best coffee gear, you’ve come to the right place.